With the sale of certain Certified Pre-Owned ("CPO") brands, a brand CPO guarantee is issued. If such brand CPO guarantee is issued, its guarantee provisions apply from the date of sale for the duration specified by the brand. In this case, the Bucherer CPO guarantee provisions below do not apply.

If a Bucherer CPO guarantee is issued, Bucherer guarantees, as an independent guarantee statement, the flawless functioning of the watch from the date of sale for a period of two years.

This warranty does not cover signs of age on the CPO watch that are disclosed at the time of purchase, or defects or damage resulting from the following:

  • inappropriate or improper use of the product (striking, impact or destruction, etc.), unauthorised tampering, omitted servicing where recommended by the manufacturer (especially water resistance checks), faulty or negligent treatment, or the use of components other than those recommended by Bucherer;
  • loss, theft or fire;
  • intentional damage, incorrect operation, negligence or accident, and/or improper repair or modification to the watch by the customer or third parties.

If the water resistance of a watch can no longer be guaranteed at the time of the sale, the customer will be explicitly notified to this effect. If this is the case, water resistance will be excluded from the warranty. In general, water resistance is not a permanent characteristic for which Bucherer can issue a warranty, because the function of the built-in sealing elements may deteriorate over time and with daily use. Bucherer strongly recommends that customers have water resistance checks carried out in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

The customer shall allow Bucherer sufficient time to carry out repairs to defects covered by the warranty. Bucherer may decide the type and manner of the rectification of defects covered by the warranty, but in all cases Bucherer has the right to rectify damage and defects free of charge.