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A new German watch brand in the luxury market
2023 marks LÖBNER’s launch as a modern German luxury watch brand, exclusively at BUCHERER. The brand is inspired by an extraordinary story of historic world records and rapid timekeeping in motor racing. LÖBNER automatic chronographs with decentralised time display and patented crown protection have been developed according to the highest German quality standards. LÖBNER swissmade movements are fine-tuned in Germany and each LÖBNER watch assembled by hand in Glashütte/Saxony.

Driven by goals

During the 19th and 20th centuries, Franz Ludwig Löbner developed pioneering mobile timekeeping innovations. Compelled by a fascination with entrepreneurial audacity, technical progress and the spirit of ingenuity, LÖBNER will be launching in 2023 – inspired by a unique story of timekeeping and driven by goals.

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The Steelracer collection takes its inspiration from the celebrated racing cars of the 1920s and 30s. LÖBNER was the privileged timekeeper for a plethora of world records – some of which would be held for decades. The Steelracer series is an homage to both the technological pioneering spirit of the time and to the men and women who, in the early stages of motorsport, were determined to push the boundaries of what was possible. In contrast to classic chronographs and thanks to the LÖBNER-developed complication, LÖBNER timepieces show the time on a decentralised display with a small-seconds subdial. The central chronograph second hand allows speeds of between 60 and 600 kilometres per hour to be measured on the engraved tachymeter bezel. The winding crown of the watches – with water resistance of up to 10 bar – is located underneath a patented “Sledge” crown guard. This slider prevents the time from being adjusted accidentally and protects the crown from mechanical strain.

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steelracer rocketman edition 50

For the highly limited Steelracer Rocketman Edition 50, LÖBNER took its inspiration from the world’s first rocket car programme – initiated in the 1920s by automotive pioneer Fritz von Opel. With his world record in the RAK2 rocket car in 1928, Fritz von Opel ushered in the rocket era. In the same year, the RAK3 rocket rail vehicle reached a record speed of 256 kilometres per hour. Keeping the time was the company LÖBNER. The Steelracer Rocketman Edition 50 from LÖBNER is a celebration of this world record, with black automatic chronographs, PVD-coated stainless-steel case and rubber strap. A gold-coloured hallmark on the bezel at the level of the patented “Sledge” slider also acts as a reminder of Fritz von Opel’s fastest record. As with all the watches in the Steelracer collection, the Rocketman Edition 50 also boasts a decentralised time display with small-seconds subdial, made possible thanks to the LÖBNER-developed complication. Blued hands contrast with the gold-coloured inlay on the tachymeter bezel.

LÖBNER Signature

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Designed in Switzerland, Made in Germany

All LÖBNER chronographs are developed according to the highest German quality standards. The 6223-calibre automatic movement developed for LÖBNER with exclusive LÖBNER rotor has an over 60-hour power reserve and comes from Switzerland, whilst the stainless-steel case is made in Germany. Each LÖBNER movement is fine-tuned in Germany and each LÖBNER chronograph assembled by hand in Glashütte/ Saxony.

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Decentralised time display – the LÖBNER module

In contrast to classic mechanical wrist chronographs, LÖBNER chronographs boast an exclusive LÖBNER-developed complication with decentralised time display and small-seconds subdial at the 10 o’clock position. Thanks to the central chronograph second hand, speeds of between 60 and 600 kilometres per hour can be measured on the engraved tachymeter bezel. This unique aesthetic highlights the historical significance of LÖBNER watches as time measuring instruments, which is also why LÖBNER refers to its chronographs as timepieces on the dial.

Patented “Sledge” crown protection

An impressive technical feature offered by the sports chronograph – with water resistance of up to 10 bar – is the winding crown, which is located under the unique, patented “Sledge” crown guard. This crown-protecting slider prevents the time from being adjusted accidentally and protects the crown from mechanical strain. Inspired by historic protective cases used for sensitive timekeeping instruments, this one underscores the distinctive, straight-lined case design with integrated lugs and pushers.

“LÖBNER watches are an homage to visionaries, passionate inventors and daring risk-takers. They are made for those who believe in freedom and progress and who work responsibly towards securing a better future.”
Matthias Düwel, Founder LÖBNER

Löbner Heritage

Founded in 1862 in Berlin by Franz Ludwig Löbner, the company developed pioneering mobile timekeeping innovations. LÖBNER was able to stop time to an accuracy of 1/100th and 1/1,000th of a second as early as the late 19th century. With its time recording equipment, stopwatches and clocks, LÖBNER was a key presence at the most important racetracks throughout Europe and timekeeper at several Olympic Games in the early 20th century. Numerous competitions and motorsport world records were determined with the help of LÖBNER stopwatches and time recording instruments.