Contractual Terms and Copyright

Contractual Terms and Copyright

When the client buys an image or any other product from Images Antiqua, the client thereby enters into the contract between the client and Images Antiqua and the terms of agreement of the contract precised hereby are accepted by the client.

§1 Granted Rights and Limitations

The digital copies sold on the website may only be used in the way and to the extent as has been agreed upon at the time of ordering. A product that has been purchased for private use can not used for commercial use. If a client wishes a commercial use of an image that has been purchased under contract for personal use shall Images Antiqua contacted for a new agreement by using image before publication takes place.

The exception of use of images furnished by Images Antiqua include any situations that are considered un-ethical by the Code of Ethics for Press, Radio and Television in Sweden.
Use of images on which a model appears in such a way and matter that the average observer would not consider it to be flattering or consider it to be controversial is not aloud.

§ 2 Copyright Notice

The website, images and descriptions contained therein are the property of Images Antiqua. Unauthorized copying, use or distribution of any portion of the Site, or descriptions without the written consent of the Antique Images is strictly prohibited.

If you want to use a picture or description contained on this site, please contact us with the following information for consent from us:

1. Name of the person / company who want to use content from the site.
2. The purpose of the content will be used.
3. If the content will be used for public or private use.

If we approve the use of our content, there should always be named in connection with use as follows:

Images / description texts by – Images Antiqua

Images Antique retains the right to use images in their own already sold books, photographs, documents and press on the site. Our customers who buy products accept these terms of sale and therefore approves this right.

§ 3 Permitted Use of Content

Images Antiqua has ownership of images whose digital copies sold through the website.

Private: A product that has been purchased for private use can not be used for commercial use, printing, copying, distribution and sale of images is strictly prohibited.

Commercial use license: If we would like to acquire objects in our site for commercial use, please contact us and inform us of the details of usage purposes, we will then inform you of the fee to be paid to you in accordance with your business usage.

Images Antiqua reserves the right to reuse and sell images that are sold for commercial use by digital copies.

Images Antiqua retain the right to use and sell digital copies of the images included in the physical original works, books, prints, maps, albums, photography portfolio and all the documents that are sold through our site.

§4 Presentation, non responsibility for changes after purchase

Images Antiqua ensures digital copies scanned directly from the original with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Images Antiqua not responsible for the changes which the user does on digital copies for any reason. Images Antiqua is not responsible for non-satisfactory results when printing whether its done by client or professional firms.

§4 Prices

Images Antiqua sell the products for the price shown as the total on the website, which customer can see and approve thorough the entire purchase. There will not be any hidden or additional fees after purchase.
Images Antiqua is not responsible for customs fees for physical products that has been sold and shipped by post or cargo.

§5 Payment

Payment is made electronically and directly to the order on the website

§ 7 Delivery

Images Antiqua delivers the sold digital copies to its customers through service companies in third hand. The customer is asked to provide a current address when ordering where a link will be sent to download the digital copy that has been purchased. Images Antiqua can not be responsible for delivery problems at the drop of inaccurate or incorrectly specified email addresses.

Images Antiqua is responsible for the physical original works, books, prints, maps, albums, photography portfolio and all of the documents ordered to be delivered in the state they are promised, and undertakes to provide for the necessary packaging and delivery.

§ 8 Right of withdrawal

The customer has the right to return the physical original works, books, prints, maps, albums, photography portfolio and all documents in 2 weeks after delivery. In such cases, at the return of goods that are in same condition, the money will be paid back by Images Antiqua incl. shipping.

However it does not apply for the withdrawal and given either no compensation for digital copies.