Frequently asked questions

Is the printable digital copies in PDF format scanned by you?

All images for sale on the website are scanned directly from the physical original in our archive. The only exceptions are digital copies that come from our contracted collectors.

As a rule, the copies are made on the physical images of original prints or photographies on paper that is characteristic of the time. Our original prints age exceeds the limit for protection under the Copyright, which means private individuals or companies cant demand rights. Digital copies are prepared for sale after carefully scanning of these original prints with high resolution of minimum 300 dpi and retouching if necessary. In this way, all of our pictures unique in itself and differs from its peers through the special imaging they go through. Therefore the use of images sold through Images Antiqua limited by Contractual Terms and Copyright.

What is meant by “printable digital copy in PDF format at 300 dpi”?

Dpi  (dots per inch) is a measure of printer resolution, that is, how many small color dots it can print per inch. Higher resolution gives higher image quality. When an image is scanned print resolution is determined on the basis of quality, authenticity and detail you want it in print or screen. Almost all the images available on the Internet has resolution 72 dpi and thus not so big files, they are light documents. The image resolution is quite sufficient to see the image on the screen. But as soon as you begin to magnify the image, one meets a blunt pixelated image in which details are lost. If you want to view and print a picture with good quality you need dpi resolution of at least 300. Therefore, PDF copies we sell are large files.

What do the price of printable digital copies in PDF format at 300 dpi depend on?

Our site has been configured to provide copies to you for the cheapest possible prices. The pricing of the images depends on the original rarity, availability, size, color intensity, or the edits and adjustments that were required (means extra labor) as well as the agreements with collectors (their fees) that we cooperate with. Our most expensive items are usually large images or copies of originals belonging to contracted collectors and priced under contracts with them.

Is it possible to get similar copies in other digital archives or competing Web sites for free or cheaper price?

No. While other digital archives may have similar copies, these images are usually not scanned at high resolution and have not undergone the same cleaning and correction of our images. Thus, their quality is not sufficient for viewing or printing, thus not in the vicinity of our copies in quality. It has often published with incorrect information and lack of sources. We check in addition all of our images and examines those published on the internet about where and how they are published to give you accurate information. We also offer a high resolution detail of the picture along with the presentation for you to be able to see and compare. But if you still encounter an equally good example as ours, we are happy if you write to us and we are happy to answer your questions.

How do I print the printable digital copies in PDF format at 300 dpi?

The most common printers in homes, even the cheapest inkjet printer, can give you a job if you enter the correct resolution print quality. Most printers make prints up to A4 size. If you want larger prints or print on special paper and with an expert, there are many digital printers. Copy the PDF document to a USB flash drive and take them there.

Are you not worried that the printable digital copies to promote the sale of counterfeit copies?

No. Each printed image bears traces of contemporary technology, colors or ink well paper and print format reveals if the image is genuine or not. To determine if the image is genuine, whether it is print or photograph is often needed an expert. We believe that the need for expertise to determine the authenticity of images increases, while the image’s value in the market increase and it is also our goal.

I want to be notified when you upload new images or products on the website. What should I do?

If you click on the “follow” button and enter the e-mail address in the box, you will be notified via email when new images are added up. You may also like our page on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and also follow our Twitter account.

Can I share the digital copies I buy from you with family or friends?

If you then also share information about where you bought the picture and talk about our website so your friends and family begins to follow us, we count that as advertising for us. We want you to remember that we are dependent on managing our costs in order to conduct business with the website and at the same time keep the fine quality of the images we offer. We believe that you do not want to be without us and count on your support.

Do you continue to sell digital copies of the images found in books, maps, prints or other documents that have been sold?

Yes. This is a question of our sales agreements. Usually sold books, maps, digital copies of the images found in print or documents cheaper than their real value to our principle is to make the images available for all our customers.

I discover errors in the information such as date, place of manufacture, the printer’s or artist’s name. If I notify you of it, will you correct it?

Of course. We think that one of the most important things is to write a correct identification of products we publish. If there was an error that you bring to our attention, we check it and correct the information with the supplement that we thank you. If the data is questionable, we will also inform about it. We work together to find the correct information.