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  • “A Christmas journey as we used to do it”


    300 dpi scanned printable image, PDF file, 32,7 x 24,7 cm.

    from “A Christmas journey as we used to do it”, wood engraving by W. F. Palmer, drawn by Alfred Edward Emslie, The Illustrated London News, December 24, 1881, page 620.

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  • “Smyrna (İzmir) Carpets”


    300 dpi scanned printable image, PDF file, 40 x 49,5 cm.

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  • ”The 400 anniversary of Hans Sachs”


    300 dpi scanned printable image, PDF file, 33,7 x 24,4 cm.

    from the wood engraving, F. Trost’s original design / Das Buch fur Alle, 1895, 33,7 x 24,4 cm. (1. Fine “singing school” the Meistersinger, 2. View of Nurnberg after an engraving from the late 16th century, 3. The old home of Hans Sachs, which was demolished at the beginning of this [19th] century, 4. Hans Sach’s house in its present form, 5. Portrait of Hans Sachs aged 81, 6. The former Katharinen Church, 7. Martha Church, 8. Hans Sach’s monument from the Epitalplatz)


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  • 23 woodcut images from Cesare Vecellio’s early world fashion book (1590)


    23 costume illustrations of Aga, Agiamoglani, Bolucbassi, Cadil Eschier, Capugi, Caramana piv Moderna, Culbassa, Donna del Serraglio, Donna Turca in Casa, Franci in Constantinopoli, Matrona di Svetia, Frate Greco in Schena, Musti, Paggi del Signore, Patriarchade Greci, Peceq, Seichir, Servo Turca, Solachi, Turca di Conditione, Turca di Mediocre Condite and Zervish. (De gli habiti antichi et moderni di diverse parti del mondo, Cesare Vecellio, 1590)

    23 pieces 300 dpi scanned printable images from woodcut print pages of the book “De gli Habiti Antichi e Modérni di Diversi Parti di Mondo” (1590), PDF files, 17,5 x 12 cm. sizes.

    or all 23 pieces woodcut print original pages.

  • Antique French word game with hand-colored copperplate printed cards


    76 x 28 mm. size 46 pieces copperplate printed and hand-colored cards in own original box. Cover of box is missing. Size of box is 88 x 132 mm.

    Probably from the early 1800’s. We do not know it is complete or not, we could not find the same type of card game.

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  • Schleich’s steel engraving for Seibertz’s art-drawing of Faust (1848)


    300 dpi scanned printable image, PDF file, 26,5 x 38,3 cm

    from Adrian Schleich’s (1812 – 1894) steel engraving after a drawing by Engelbert Seibertz. 24,45 x 35,45 cm. One of the seven steel engravings from the book ”Faust, en tragedi af Göthe, translated of Johan Andersson, Stockholm, Philip J. Meijers Förlag, 1854.

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