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  • “The arrival of King George I. at Athens” (1863)


    300 dpi scanned printable image, PDF file, 24,3 x 35,2 cm

    from the copper plate engraving, November 21, 1863 / The Illustrated London News (”from a sketch by our special artist”), 24,3 x 35,2 cm

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  • 21 signboard motives of Frithiof Telenius (1884)


    21 pieces of 300 dpi scanned printable images, pdf files, each one is 42,5 x 30 cm. size.

    from 21 posters in chromolithoghraphical print, facing on cardboard. Presentation folder of “30 Skyltmotiv af Frithiof Telenius (1884)”. Publisher Joh. Hellsten (Book shop 1884) , printer C. A. Carlssons Litogr. Anstalt, Stockholm.

    Frithiof Telenius was a signboard painter in Stockholm.

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  • Breech-loading fire-arms (1875)


    300 dpi scanned printable images, two PDF files, 12,7 x 20,2 cm. sizes

    from “Knight’s American Mechanical Dictionary”, of Edward H. Knight, page 852, Plates 17-18, New York, J. B. Ford and Company, 1875.

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Showing all 3 results