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  • ”The 400 anniversary of Hans Sachs”


    300 dpi scanned printable image, PDF file, 33,7 x 24,4 cm.

    from the wood engraving, F. Trost’s original design / Das Buch fur Alle, 1895, 33,7 x 24,4 cm. (1. Fine “singing school” the Meistersinger, 2. View of Nurnberg after an engraving from the late 16th century, 3. The old home of Hans Sachs, which was demolished at the beginning of this [19th] century, 4. Hans Sach’s house in its present form, 5. Portrait of Hans Sachs aged 81, 6. The former Katharinen Church, 7. Martha Church, 8. Hans Sach’s monument from the Epitalplatz)


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