15th Battalion at Hald, Viborg, Danmark, 1876


Seven 300 dpi scanned printable images, PDF files, 6,5 x 10,5 cm. sizes.

from Christian Peter Lauritz Wismer’s seven different studio photos about 1876.




In the years 1868-1880, an area of Hald Hovedgård’s affairs occupied the camp at Hald, a military establishment, where every summer about 10,000 men of the army were gathered to hold exercises. The place was chosen because it was close to large heath areas where military exercises could be held without any genes for agriculture. In addition, on-site facilities were available to provide good drinking water from artesian wells. Each camp took about 1½ month including the time it took to march from garrison to camp and back again. During the camp assemblies, everyone was accommodated in tents. The camp assemblies ceased in 1880 and the camp was finally closed in 1889. At the place where the royal tent stood, a memorial to the crown prince, later Frederik the 8th, has now been put in attendance at the camps.

Christian Peter Lauritz Wismer, b. 1843 in Elsinore, emigrated to the US in 1883.
Chr. Wismer photographed in 1867 in Nakskov, but in 1868 in Elsinore. In 1880 he was in Copenhagen in cooperation with Budtz Müller, but returned to Elsinore. Then again in Copenhagen from 1881 to 1883. Wismer emigrated in 1883, 39 years old from Copenhagen to New York with his wife, Agnes 37 years and six children aged two to twelve years. Established with a studio in San Francisco. Christian Wismer was a resident of Santa Rosa and San Francisco in 1885-1889.
Exhibited: Mechanics’ Institute (SF), 1885-1886. Sources: Edan Hughes, “Artists in California, 1786-1940” and City Directory.

Källor: Wikipedia, History of photography


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