21 signboard motives of Frithiof Telenius (1884)


21 pieces of 300 dpi scanned printable images, pdf files, each one is 42,5 x 30 cm. size.

from 21 posters in chromolithoghraphical print, facing on cardboard. Presentation folder of “30 Skyltmotiv af Frithiof Telenius (1884)”. Publisher Joh. Hellsten (Book shop 1884) , printer C. A. Carlssons Litogr. Anstalt, Stockholm.

Frithiof Telenius was a signboard painter in Stockholm.




“…Printers have long sought to demonstrate and advertise their prowess through specimen work, and lithographers have been no exception. Perhaps the finest early chromolithographic printing was that executed by the Strasbourg firm of Frédéric Émile Simon. During the 1830s Simon teamed with the innovative calligrapher Jean Midolle to issue three extraordinary specimen books, one of which we have now acquired: Album du Moyen Âge (1836). That many of its plates are heightened with dusted gold, silver, and bronze powders, and even some discreet hand coloring, does not detract from their beauty and technical mastery. Fifty years later the Swedish sign painter advertised his work to potential clients by issuing Skyltmotiv (1884), a very rare portfolio containing 30 sample designs of his best work. Here the ability of Stockholm chromolithographer C. A. Carlsson to reproduce woodgraining and three-dimensional effects planographically is nothing short of miraculous…”
(This Just In: Printing Planographically, David Whitesell, May 1, 2014)

”…By chance I found images of the Swedish sign painter Gustaf Frithiof Telenius at an American university site. Next day I sat in the special reading room in the Royal Library and looked on these marvelous lithographs, made by the lithographer and printer Carl Adolf Carlsson, borned in Stockholm 1850. He is mentioned in the population register in Stockholm 1869 as an apprentice of lithography. Some years later he had advanced to be a lithographic worker. My guess is that Carlsson started his apprenticeship at Schlachter & Seedorff and then followed them to Centraltryckeriet. After some years, abroad in Paris, Wien and Berlin he went back to Stockholm. About 1880 he started his own lithographic firm…”
(Chromolithography in Sweden in the 19th century, Jan af Burén)



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