Humble photographer of the Swedish working class: Arvid Lundström


28 pieces 600 dpi scanned printable images from 28 photo by Arvid Lundström, PDF files, different sizes.




Arvid Lundström / Photo by Karl Heinz Hernried (1912–1988) 

We discovered with excitement Arvid Lundström‘s impressive portrait photographs of Swedish workers from the last century on a flea table.

Photographies was not only portraits of workers but also contained interesting pictures from his private life. We searched for information about him and his life but found very little. Most of the information comes from two Swedish biographical manuals, “Who is who?” From 1962 and “Who is it?” From 1969.

He was born as a child of timber floatingworker Otto L. and Anna Önnberg, August 31, 1916, went to Brunnsvik Public High School, then LO School and worked as his father in timberfloating, later worked in the Värmlands Folkbladet (Värmland’s People’s Paper) between 1941-1945, in the press at the Swedish Forest Workers’ Union in the years between 1946-1951. In 1951, he joined LO and worked as a press ombudsman in LO 1955-1960 since 1960 as deputy secretary.

In 1950 married Anna-Stina and the couple got a daughter, Åsa in 1952.

The only information that existed about him then dates from 1969-1979 when he served within the Board of Psychological Defense, which was the discernible authority during the Cold War. (Förfäras Ej, 50 years of psychological defense – a biography about a Swedish authority, Eino Tabin, the Board of Psychological Defense, p. 272)

He is counted on former employees in the LO, according to the protocol of the LO Congress, 19-23 July 2004, who had died during the current year.


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