“A mouse, a mouse, a mouse!”


300 dpi scanned printable image, PDF file, 31,7 x 23,5 cm.

from the wood engraving by C. Köhnlein after the painting by Rudolf Grieb, Das Buch für Alle, 1890’s, 31,7 x 23,5 cm.




Fear of mice and rats is one of the most common specific phobias. It is sometimes referred to as musophobia  or murophobia (a coinage from the taxonomic adjective “murine” for the family Muridae that encompasses mice and rats), or as suriphobia, from French souris, “mouse”.
The phobia, as an unreasonable and disproportionate fear, is distinct from reasonable concern about rats and mice contaminating food supplies, which may potentially be universal to all times, places, and cultures where stored grain attracts rodents, which then consume or contaminate the food supply.

Source: Wikipedia
Detail of our high-resolution scanned image.

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