Photo album with 145 images: Swedish cruiser Fylgia’s long journey (1928-1929)


145 pcs. 1200 dpi scanned printable digital copies of different size images from a Swedish family album, PDF files.




HMS Fylgia was an armored cruiser of the Swedish Navy. Launched in 1905, the ship was in service until 1953. The cruiser was primarily used as a training ship for naval cadets.

Fylgia being launched
Fylgia’s keel was laid by Bergsunds Mekaniska Verkstad in October 1902. She was launched on 20 December 1905 at Finnboda slip at Nacka. The ship was commissioned on 21 June 1907. Upon her commissioning, she was the smallest true armored cruiser in the world. She was commonly used as a cadet training ship following World War I.

On 12 December 1927, Fylgia collided with the Brazilian cargo ship SS Itapura at Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Itapura sank, but all 40 members of her crew were rescued.

Extensive Modernisation

Fylgia was modernized in 1939-1940. Her 12 coal fired Yarrow-type boilers were replaced with four oil fueled Phenoët-type boilers. The three high stacks were replaced by two lower ones. The main battery’s range was extended and a new fire control with central gun control was added. The air defense was completely revamped: the old 57 mm guns were removed and replaced with four 57 mm M/89B-38B anti-aircraft guns. Two dual 40 mm m/36 gyro-stabilized mounts were added and one dual 25 mm m/32 and one 20 mm m/40 guns were also installed.

After the refit she was assigned to the neutrality watch. Fylgia served into the 1950s as a cadet training ship, until 1953 when she was decommissioned. Fylgia was sold for scrap in 1957.

1915–1916 – Fredrik Riben
1919–1920 – Gunnar Unger
1922–1923 – Claës Lindsström
1925–1925 – Nils Åkerblom
1925–1926 – Arvid Hägg
1931–1932 – Lave Beck-Friis
1933–1934 – Magnus von Arbin

1928-1929 Long journey
Went to Europe, the Caribbean and the United States.
The vessel chief was Commander Captain Bermark. Second Captain was Karl Dyrsén.


Karlskrona Sealed November 1928
Portsmouth, England
Las Palmas, Canary Islands
Porto Grande, Cape Verde
Bridgetown, Barbados
Colón, Panama
Mobile, USA
Philadelphia, USA
Hamilton, Bermuda
Ponta Delgada, Azores
Karlskrona Arrived March 12, 1929


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