“Boy wonder” Kun Arpad (1911)


300 dpi scanned printable image, PDF file, 20 x 15 cm.

from postcard by Gerlach & Martin Gerlach Junior, 1911, Number: A366, 20 x 15 cm.




Text on the backside: “Zur freundlichen Erinnerungas von Kun Arpad. (couldn’t read), den 7 Febr. 1911” “Friendly reminder von Kun Arpad. …, the 7 February 1911”

”His name is Arpad Kun or in Hungarian – Kun Arpad, and he was born in Budapest, Hungary then part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire.

Beginning in 1901 this Hungarian “boy wonder” violinist was frequently mentioned in newspapers all across America. Even small town papers in Pennsylvania, Kansas, and Utah ran reports of his phenomenal talent. In 1903 at age 9, Arpad embarked on a tour of the United States which was to start with an engagement in New York City at Madison Square Garden.

[After a series of negative events] Back in Europe where he could be appreciated and allowed to play, Arpad’s postcards now displayed a more romantic image of a solo violinist,  though he still wears a sailor suit.

By 1912, Arpad is 18 and surely wearing long trousers. The Who’s Who entry lists his address as in Berlin. But after this date he disappears. Did he survive the Great War? Did he become a successful violin soloist? His adult history remains a mystery.”

Mike Brubaker

(From his blog temposenzatempo. Read all stories: ”Kun Arpad – A Violin Prodigy” and ”Three Boys in Sailor Suits”)


Martin Gerlach senior (born March 13, 1846 in Hanau, Germany, April 9, 1918) was a German-Austrian engraver, photographer and publisher.

Martin Gerlach Jr. (born April 2, 1879 in Vienna, Austria, July 18, 1944) was an Austrian photographer.

Source: Wikipedia

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