The promenade with ox carriage in Istanbul


300 dpi scanned printable image from a Max Fruchtermann edition postcard with  Sébah & Joaillier photograph, late 19th century , PDF file,  18,4 x 28 cm.




Max Fruchtermann (1852–1918) was an early publisher of Ottoman Empire postcards. He was born in 1852 in Kalucz on the eastern border of Austria-Hungary. In 1867, he moved to Constantinople (Istanbul) and began to produce postcards in 1895. Because of the vogue for “Orientalism,” Fruchtermann’s cards became very popular. His early postcards were hand-colored, but he began to produce color cards in 1897 that were printed by Emil Pinkau. Later postcard series were printed by Fingerle Freudenberg in Rehydt. In addition to his view-cards he produced a large series of figure studies and types in native costumes. The disruption of the First World War caused his bankruptcy. After his death, his son, Paul, continued to run his postcard shop until 1966 when the entire remaining inventory was sold off.

Jean Pascal Sébah (1872– 6 June 1947), son of Syriac-Armenian photographer Pascal Sébah, continued the family’s photographic legacy after his father’s death in 1886, joining the business in 1888. He photographed scenes and people in Anatolia and Egypt including Nubians. He partnered with photographer Policarpe Joaillier.
In 1893, Sultan Abdulhamid II sponsored fifty-one photographic albums representing the span of the Ottoman Empire with two of the volumes produced by Sebah & Joaillier. U.S. President Grover Cleveland was one of the recipients of the photo collection and it is now in the Library of Congress.
The “Foto Sabah” studio in Pera, Constantinople was the most prestigious photography studio in the city for many decades during the 19th and 20th centuries. The photographs depicted sites such as the Hagia Sofia, the Blue Mosque, the Galata Tower.
Jean died on 6 June 1947, at the age of 75.

Policarpe Joaillier (1888 – 1908) Not much is known about this French photographer based in Constantinople. Between about 1888-1908, he joined forces with Jean Pascal Sébah. Together their studio produced images signed “Sébah & Joaillier”

Detail of our high-resolution scanned image.


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