National Socialist Workers’ Party’s (Swedish NSAP) meeting in Gothenburg, 1933 (January, 15 ?)


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Nationalsocialistiska Arbetarepartiet (English: National Socialist Workers’ Party, NSAP) was a Swedish political party that initially espoused Nazism before adopting a more indigenous form of fascism.

The party was formed in 1933 by Sven Olov Lindholm after he left the Swedish National Socialist Party, following a series of clashes over policy and personality. The NSAP initially acted as a simple mirror of the National Socialist German Workers Party, with the party newspaper Den Svenske Nationalsocialisten repeating what was being said in Nazi Germany and the Nordisk ungdom (Nordic Youth) group serving as a replica of the Hitler Youth (albeit on a smaller scale). The swastika was also initially used as the party emblem.

The NSAP did differ from its German model from the beginning, however, for it placed strong emphasis on the anti-capitalist nature of its rhetoric. The party’s emphasis on the socialism of its Nazism led many to label it Strasserite, although it avoided the direct criticism of Adolf Hitler that by the mid-1930s was forming the bulk of the writings of Otto Strasser.

The party continued to move away from the Hitler model, and largely abandoned its ties to Germany in favour of a more Swedish model. In 1938, it ceased to use the swastika and replaced it with the cogwheel and hammer symbol. By the end of the year the party had changed its name to Svensk Socialistisk Samling (Swedish Socialist Unity) and had largely dropped all but passing reference to the Nazis. Nonetheless, the party declined dramatically during the Second World War and was formally dissolved in 1950, 5 years after WWII.

In 1943, the party’s national congress in Uppsala caused the Easter Riots to break out.

The party was one of the earliest to claim that no Holocaust happened, in May 1945 in Den Svenske Folksocialisten.

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